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The largest tennis learning portal with over 1,500 videos.

Learn faster

Learn faster
Through visualization in the areas of technical guidelines, methodology, tactics, analysis

Perform Better

Through videos with live drills in the areas of exercises and drills

Maintain Performance

Maintain performance
in the areas of Mobility, Re-Function, Regeneration and Neuro Skills.

Do not leave anything to chance

Unique research and analysis

How flexible are tennis players in general? How agile are your clients? How high do the top players toss the ball when serving? How low do they bend their knees, and how much do they tilt their shoulders when serving? The Coaches’ Club provides the answers to these questions. Not only do we keep a close eye on the top players, but we constantly conduct research on club players. As a member, you will not only benefit from this research, but you can also play an active role in shaping and accompanying investigations, if you like.

Functional testing of top players

Functional testing of children

Functional Testing of Seniors

How deep do professionals bend their knees at the serve?

How high do top players throw the ball?

Which eye is dominant?

Testing the mobility of the spine

Functional testing in groups

Seeing is believing

Modern Media

CoachesClub is based on visuals, which the brain processes 60,000 times faster than text. This is our specialty: to help you improve your coaching skills with the fastest possible learning success.
Our vivid and easy to follow illustrations will make learning and implementing a breeze.

Understanding the role of the different muscles in the execution of a tennis stroke

We show a simple and visual way how the pros play the game.

Visualization of kinematic chains

Focus on different aspects of the game without losing perspective.

The slide show breaks down strokes in sequential picture-series

Unusual camera perspectives to watch detailed strokes

What coaches, experts and players say

Our mission? To provide the most motivational coaching platform on the internet!

You are not a alone out there

Experts numbers

We have been working with and for associations, clubs and organizations for 30 years. The Coaches Club is the world's largest community of club coaches. We've educated and trained over 25,000 coaches, and as a result, we have access to a huge pool of information about what helps develop players, and what doesn't. And if we don't know something, we study it, evaluate it, and share it with our customers. Our progress is your progress.
Coaches educated
TennisGate experts have trained over 25,000 coaches through education courses, seminars and personal trainings.
Visitors in webinars and workshops
Over 5000 visitors have participated in TennisGate workshops and webinars.
Lectures and Presentations
TennisGate experts have given over 500 lectures and presentations at congresses and training courses worldwide in German, English and Spanish.
Years Visual Coaching
In 2004 TennisGate started with Blended Learning and Visual Coaching. With the first version of the Coaches Club in Germany.

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TennisGate supports large organizations and federations worldwide with tennis media, training content and visual tennis concepts. We are specialized in member-protected online platforms and coaching as a service.