Kids on Court

Kids on Court 376
Groundstrokes Development 70
Net Game Development 45
Serve and Return Development 15
Athletic Development 70
Motor Development 81
Kids Testing 40
Introducing the Slice Backhand with the Use of a Swiss Ball Step 1
A large ball is a great tool to teach players about spin. Holding the ball in front of them and having...
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Minis - Catching and Throwing with a Cone
One player tosses a ball underhanded over the net and the other players take turns catching it with a...
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Bambinis - Stretching - Arm Circles with Both Arms
Player jog circling their arms. Both arms move together circling forwards or backwards. Make sure the...
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Minis - The Rest Area
When working with little children it is important to assign a space on the court where they can disconnect,...
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Bambinis - Picking up Scramble
Everyone has to spend time picking up balls in tennis. It is just part of the training. Why not use this...
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Bambinis - Overhead Shots Basics - Contact Point
Using a balloon slows things down and allows the children to achieve success right away. In this drill...
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Toss from Behind with False Clue
This drill will help players to react quicker, and adjust The player stands in the ready position, focused...
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Crossover Steps Holding a Bar
Great footwork requires that players move smoothly in different directions and are able to change directions...
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Bambinis - Half Volleys with a Partner
In this drill two players work together, one stands accross the net very close to the net and the other...
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Mobility test toe control
Since we mostly wear shoes nowadays that limit our freedom of movement, very few of us have trained feet...
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The Control Stroke
As tennis requires a great deal of coordination, it can take months or even years before this type of...
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Aim, toss up and hit
The children imitated a ball toss like a Serve and throw a slightly larger, soft plastic ball upwards....
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Throwing Catching and Rolling to Each Other
Understanding the characteristics of the incoming ball is essential in tennis. Therefore very young players...
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Walking on different areas of the foot
The children try to walk only on individual areas of their foot.
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Rallying - Moving the Partner
Two players rally with each other. One player has to move the opponent around the court.
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Inside out Forehand Footwork Introduction
Two players start on the sideline on their forehand side. The coach rolls a swiss ball crosscourt to...
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Minis Throwing Overhand - Catching Combined with Jumps
Here we combine throwing and catching with jumping and working together. One player moves up with three...
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Mobility test head to collarbone
Please check both sides. The experience that dysbalances (imbalance) often arise (imbalance), which are...
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Aiming and Hitting the Target: Set Realistic Targets
ACHIEVABLE GOALS Targets are intended to encourage youngsters to throw and hit more precise shots. “Succeeding...
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Minis Overhand Throwing 6 - Over a High Net
In this clip the two young girls are working on their throwing motion as a precursor to a solid serve....
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Bambinis - Intro Volleys - Steering Wheel
In this exercises players are at the net holding the racquet from the racquet head as if it were a steering...
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Bambinis - Power - Two Legged Jumps
Players move accross the court jumping high with both legs. Players jump and lift their knees. This drill...
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TBall Rally with Small Ball
The smaller the ball the more difficult it is to control. For this exercises players try to rally in...
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Color Relays Rolling the Swiss Ball
This is a good exercise to use in a relay. The players have to roll a swiss ball and touch all the color...
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