Kids on Court

Kids on Court 377
Groundstrokes Development 70
Net Game Development 45
Serve and Return Development 15
Athletic Development 70
Motor Development 81
Kids Testing 40
Forehand and Ladder
In this exercise the coach feeds three forehands to each player. The players try to hit the ball back...
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Bambinis - Overhand Throws
Before learning to serve, children need to feel comfortable throwing a ball overhand accurately and powerfully,...
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Bambinis - Coordination - Skipping Backwards
Players skip backwards landing on the same leg they used to jump. The arms and legs are coordinated so...
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Aim, toss up and hit
The children imitated a ball toss like a Serve and throw a slightly larger, soft plastic ball upwards....
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Footwork: Follow the Coach
This is a very popular drill for training racquet-head speed and footwork with competitive players. However,...
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Minis - Ball Challenge Starting on the Stomach
The players will lay on their stomachs and on command will run, get two balls, put them in the basquet...
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Agility Ladder - Zig Zag in and out plus a Sprint
The players move through the latter from side to side shuffling laterally stepping twice in and once...
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Hop like a frog
The children move like a frog. While hopping, they put their hands between their feet for support.
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Walk like a dog
The children walk like a dog in a quadruped stance.
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Bambinis - Introduction to the Half Volley
The coach kneels close to the player to be able to feed with precision. The player sets the racquet head...
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Orange Stage Running around backhand drill
Effective Forehand Drill for Young Players at the Orange Learning Level: Running around the Backhand to Improve Stroke Accuracy and Momentum
Learn an effective forehand drill for young players at the orange learning level. Run around the backhand,...
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Walking on different areas of the foot
The children try to walk only on individual areas of their foot.
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Obstacle Course: The Magic of Hitting a Target
TARGET COURSE Setting up various pieces of equipment and using materials in a varied way often injects...
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Kids preparation piezo impulse with hamstring stretch
This exercise has various activating influences on our body. Using the example of finger-to-ground distance,...
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Toss from Behind with False Clue
This drill will help players to react quicker, and adjust The player stands in the ready position, focused...
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Working on the Return with a Partner
In this exercises you see kids working on two different exercises. On the one side they are working on...
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Bambinis - Half Volleys with a Partner
In this drill two players work together, one stands accross the net very close to the net and the other...
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The caterpillar
The children stand in a wide stance one behind the other facing the trainer.
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Flamingo Tennis
Players play mini tennis on a service box on one leg. Players are not allowed to hit the ball hard....
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Bouncing the Ball with Racquet while Moving sideways
The player bounces the ball holding the racquet with one hand while moving laterally using side-steps.
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Keeping a Balloon in the Air with the Racquet
The job is for the children to keep the balloon in the air with their racquets. They should use only...
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Bambinis - Agility Ladder - One on each Rung
Players run through the ladder as fast as possible stepping once on each rung. The coach needs to make...
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Building a Rally - Keeping the Ball in the Court
Two children hit balls to each other trying to keep the rally going withour mistakes.
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Bambinis - Power - Giant Leaps
Players move with large and powerful steps. Players try to get as high and as far as possible with each...
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