The muscle mind connection

Body + Mind

To explain to you why we put the Mental, MoStabi (short for Mobility and Stability) and Neuro Innovations categories under the term "Body and Mind", we need to explain the term "Muscle Mind Connection". It is clear that mental training in sports includes breathing, as well as the ability to target joints or consciously tense or even relax muscles. The muscle-mind connection is essential in sports as it helps athletes perform at their best. This connection involves the synchronization of the brain and muscles, allowing athletes to perform movements with precision and accuracy. It is strengthened through repetition and practice, enabling tennis players to react faster and make split-second decisions on the court.

Research suggests that a strong muscle-mind connection can lead to improved performance, decreased risk of injury, and increased confidence. Athletes can enhance their muscle-mind connection through visualization, mental imagery, and focused training. By developing this connection, athletes can improve their performance and achieve their goals on the field.

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Tips for mental training on court that will help players become more "match-ready" and tough.
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Mobility and MoStabi training with Re-Function specialist Silvester Neidhardt
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Neuro Innovations
Neuro Skills for the visual system (eye training), vestibular system (balance) and proprioceptive system (body periphery).
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