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For more than twenty five years we have worked nationally and internationally for different tennis federations, served as talent scouts, been immersed in player development from the ground up, been involved in coaches education, coached teams, developed training concepts for clubs and teams, been presenters at several national and international coaches’ conventions and worked with parents and officials on a daily basis. Since we share our experience in all of our TennisGate tips – without any restriction or limitations, you have immediate access to this practical visual training.

Oliver Heuft

Founder and executive owner of TennisGate

Oliver is a DTB A-certified coach. He has over 20 years of experience as head of a youth talent promotion group and freelance coach for the Baden Tennis Association (Badischer Tennisverband), specialised in fostering talent up to the age of 14 and training technical basics with the aim of turning pro. 

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More about Oliver Heuft

Oliver was the Youth Coach (age of 6 to 14) of Dominik Koepfer, #1 US College in 2016 and ATP Pro (Career High 50 in 2021).

He is also a Media designer with expert knowledge in video editing, animations, layout and design. Oliver developed digital schoolbooks for tennis associations and helped the DTB to digitize his complete coaches education as the producer of the DTB Online Campus, the official education platform for the german tennis federation (DTB) from 2015 - 2020, with 15,000 coaches.

He integrated the sports broadcasting analysis tool VizLibero into tennis education and runs a visual coaching course inside the B-level-education in the Badischer Tennisverband (BTV). 

Juergen Mueller

Head Editor and Project Leader Germany
Juergen is a DTB A-certificate coach and won Multiple World and European Championships as freelance coach for the German Tennis Association (DTB). In his role as DTB freelance coach, he has coached world-class juniors such as Nicolas Kiefer, Daniel Elsner, Philipp Petzschner, Philipp Kohlschreiber and Aljoscha Thron.
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More about Juergen Mueller

He is the current BTV tennis centre coach for the Black Forest-Lake Constance region and is Educator in B-certificate training at the Baden Tennis Association. He won Multiple German and state youth titles with youth players from Blau Weiss Villingen and was the Transition Coach (age of 14 to 18) of Dominik Koepfer, #1 US College in 2016. He is the Owner of the regional TennisGate Tennis and Ball School in Villingen, one of the official TennisGate Education Center.

Edgar Giffenig

Project Leader International Platforms

Edgar is a Frequent speaker in coaching workshops throughout the world. ITF, PTR, DTB, ITA, USTA, FMT, TA. He was National Coach in the USA, at the National Coach German Federation and Mexican Tennis Federation. 

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More about Edgar Giffenig

He was a Long-time member of the ITF Coaches Commission and has over 30 years coaching players of all ages and level. In 2016 he ranked 55s in the ITF World Ranking. Edgar is fluent in German, English and Spanish. He is the Author of the Book “Play Tennis with Passion” and “Developing High Performance Tennis Players".

Silvester Neidhardt

Expert for Re-Function and Functional Fitness
Olympic Athletics Coach and Re-Function Specialist Silvester Neidhardt is one of the most experienced experts in the field of athletic and functional fitness in Germany. He supported the German Olympic teams in Alpine Skiing (1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer – 2x Gold Medal for Markus Wasmeier), world ranking tennis players such as Stefan Koubek (best ranking in the Woldranking 20) and Rainer Schüttler (best ranking in the Worldranking 5).
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More about Silvester Neidhardt

He proves his competence not only as a personal trainer and athletic trainer, but also as a lecturer (PT A license, mental coaching, Functional Training A license) and Functional Training Specialist. 


Silvester planned and structured the fitness and gym area of Therme Gaiberg, one of the biggest 4* Spa resorts of Austria on 102,000 qm area. At Perform Better, he supported with his knowledge, expertise and many years of experience as an expert and speaker for FMS and CFT. Silvester is also the book author of "Get Up Now!: Reboot to Your Natural Functionality, Available in german at amazon 

Silvester works on a daily basis with all people who need help "re-functioning" their bodies (hence the "re-function" in his name). It is not uncommon that in one day Olympic medalists, junior athletes of various sports, world-class soccer players, truck drivers, mother with her 3 children or constantly sitting managers come in and out of his gym.

Eva Birkle-Belbl

Expert Club-Management and Kids Development

Eva is DTB A-certified coach. She has a Diploma in sports science with focus on management. She is Head Coach and Club Manager of the Freiburger Tennis Club. Together with her husband Matthias she is owner of the EMB Tennis school with over 400 students. She is also Head of the tennis programme at the University of Freiburg. 

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More about Eva Birkle-Belbl

Eva was the Club coach of the year 2019 of the German Tennis Federation (DTB). Under her leadership, the Freiburger Tennis Club membership doubled from 450 to more than 900 members from 2018 to current 2023 und wurde zum größten Tennisclub in Baden.

Eva was also a Workshop Speaker at the ITF World Wide Coaches Conference Sofia 2017 and Belek 2015.

Matthias Birkle

Expert Modern Methodology and Junior Development

Matthias is DTB A-certified coach, Sports Manager IST, Certified Swiss Tennis Coach and MA Sports Science and Education. He is the Head Coach at the Freiburger Tennis Club (since October 2017) and Owner and founder of EMB-Tennis (Together with his wife Eva).

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More about Matthias Birkle

He is Head of University Sports Section Tennis at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.  He was Speaker at ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference Antalya 2015. Topic of the lecture: Improvement of the serve through differential training and Speaker at ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference Sofia 2017. Topic of the presentation: Improving the volley through differential training.


Close to the coach

Having a personal philosophy about how tennis should be played may set some coaches apart, but that is not enough to ensure long-term success. As coaches, we should seek constant exchange of information between colleagues as well as foster a team mentality. We are all part of the same machine, some cogs are bigger, some are smaller.

If someone tells you they have all the answers, or a system that fits all players: don't believe them! There is no such thing as the perfect system. You have to be willing to constantly learn and adapt your "microcosm" as a coach. It is this flexibility that turns good coaches, into outstanding coaches. TennisGate experts will constantly expose you to different ideas and training tips for all target groups, from young to old and from recreational to competitive players. We offer you a complete package. In medical terms, we not only provide the diagnosis, but also the therapy,


All of us at TennisGate are coaches (mostly with children of their own) who know from experience that there is one factor critical to success: every player must enjoy the game. This may sound trite or obvious, but it's a weekly topic for everyone who works in player development.


Tennis is a very complex and demanding sport where failure and frustration are always present. The only way to be successful in the long run is to learn and also embrace the learning process. Whether player, coach or parent.


It is frightening to see the functional condition in which some children come to tennis training. But it is even more alarming that parents are completely surprised by this and assess it completely differently. Of course, children who play sports are usually well above average. But their functional weaknesses still urgently need to be remedied if one wants to favour the future and their development.


Education and knowledge are the crucial companions to setting goals in moderation. Unrealistic expectations, along with injuries and coaching mistakes, are largely responsible for players ending their careers prematurely and turning their backs on tennis.


If you want to be successful as a club and move safely into the future, then it is important as a club manager to have all the needs of the members in mind - and also to "educate" everyone. Not only the players, but also the parents and ultimately even the whole environment.


First of all, it doesn't matter if you are coaching competitive players or introducing beginners to the sport. As a coach, you have to have fun. Enjoyment of tennis and development is the decisive factor, not only for recreational tennis, but also for competitive tennis.

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