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Seeing is believing

The visual system is the main information provider for our brain. So our main focus is on improving visual skills. And that's why TennisGate uses the most advanced and innovative motion and analysis tools for tennis for you, the coach of club and recreational players, competitive players or athletes, to improve your performance. We discover and visualize details that often remain hidden, but make all the difference when helping players reach their potential.

Realistic and genuine

Our drills and demos showcase the everyday life of big tennis schools and performance centers, and target all the age groups and levels that club coaches encounter. They are 100 percent realistic and not manicured and polished, The performance of our players will mirror what coaches will find when working with players of the same level.  The camera documents our training with the players on the court, as is.

Mini-Workshops on Court

Specific topics in the spotlight

Here, our experts talk about specific topics in depth.

Workshops at official education courses

Further Coaches education

Multi-camera recordings of advanced coaching-education-courses in the Baden Tennis Association. The camera team follows the coaching education seminars with several cameras and professional sound equipment. You will find video clips of these courses throughout the site.

Native Language: German. Just click on CC in the Video Player for english subtitles.


It looks so simple!

The Coaches Club uses images and videos, which the brain processes 60,000 times faster than text. That’s our specialty: helping you improve your coaching skills as fast as possible

We provide you with ready-to-use analysis you can use and deploy immediately and … that will make your players more game-smart, creative and adaptable. ‘ Simply said, they’ll develop at the fastest possible rate.

No online platform has invested more in advanced biomechanics visualization than TennisGate. For you, for tennis.

Tactical analysis

Get inside the head of the pros

The gradual transition from the technical application of the strokes to the acquisition of basic tactical patterns is the goal of the tactical analysis section in the Coaches Club. Here, coaches can first look at tactical patterns of professional players with their students and then recreate them to help their charges hold their own in any situation, whether offensive or defensive.

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Technical slideshows

Top players are blueprint

If you want to understand technique well, the technical guidelines slideshow is for you. The slideshow divides the strokes into successive series of images showing the most important parts of each swing, and allows you to analyze each swing step by step, backwards and forwards, for as long as you want.

Swingpath animations

What does the racquet head do?

Our swing path animations visualize the movement of the racquet head. Our motion designers precisely synchronize the timing of the racquet and thus show the height of the swing movement, how deep the racquet gets under the ball or even the so-called stretch-shortening cycle when the racquet head is slightly delayed before the contact point.

Technical guidelines comparisons

Compare players

With our side-by-side comparisons, you can easily find differences and similarities between players. There is nothing better than having everything together on one page or in one video.

When coaching young players, we use the swing patterns of the top players as  guidelines to develop a standard swing based on average movement executions. Players will then add their own style in later training phases.  We want to use our  players’ technical guidelines to help players develop movement patterns that will allow them to continue to develop positively without any limitations until they reach their potential.


Analysis of the top players

We observe the top players and integrate our findings in the training of players of all levels.  As long as players can still be shaped, we must take advantage of this opportunity and constantly match technique trends. This is also TennisGate’s mission. We put our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in top tennis, draw cross-comparisons with up-and-coming players, adapt solutions from the top players to set technical goals – and not just for up-and-coming tennis players, but for any tennis player who wants to work on their game.

They trust us

TennisGate supports large organizations and federations worldwide with tennis media, training content and visual tennis concepts. We specialize in member-protected online platforms and coaching as a service.

Our mission? To provide the most motivational coaching platform on the internet!

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