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Continuing Education for Coaches

The market for people looking for hobbies or athletic activities is growing constantly but without a similar growth in knowledge these potential customers will just pass us by. In the last few years more and more part time coaches who teach to supplement their income are joining the teaching profession, and bringing their own experiences and methodology to the court. However, in order to retain these new customers, clubs and academies have to offer a homogenous, modern and effective programs, and that is what we are offering you with our Team-program.
Assistant coaches make the program
The quality of a program is measured by the average ability of all its coaches and here is the true measuring stick: If most of the customers are happy being coaches by the assistant coaches and are not seeking lessons with the director, you are doing it right. Offering team passes to TennisGate for all of your coaches is a great way to standardize the instruction in your facility.
Rooky Programs
Everyone has coaches with talent but without much experience teaching different ages and levels. The Coaches Club offers tips and courses that will help beginner coaches right away, improving their ability to adapt to different levels, ages and group sizes, as well as ideas on how to improve every aspect of the coaching process. And more importantly, if you do not find what you are looking for, just contact us through our Premium Support or our Wishlist.
Immediate Access
As soon as your coaches register themselves through your invitation link, they automatically become members. The constant and dynamic education can start immediately without the director having to get involved.
As many licenses as needed
As a member of the CoachesClub, you can acquire as many additional licenses for your assistants as you need. Your coaches will have access to all of our material. You will also be able to send them playlists, for example: “Tips of the week”. In addition, managing your licenses is easy. You can cancel or add licenses any time based on the need of your program.
Standardized instruction
We make sure that your coaches follow the same technical and tactical guidelines for all age groups and are familiar with the latest trends in performance coaching as well as the newest methodology to teach beginners of all ages. All you have to do is send them playlists or individual videos.
Skill development
Having coaches that can do their job well and that are constantly exposed to new ideas is only one part of the equation. An additional building block to develop the coaching competency of your school or club is the continuous development of new skills for all of your coaches. This is another area where we can help.
Promote communication
You can always use the material in the Coaches-Club to develop your own workshops. One of the most important elements in a successful program is promoting communication by delving deep into the game. By doing this, the program creates a dynamic environment supporting the pursuit of knowledge.
Your own standards
You can build your own playlists or use ours and add commentary and descriptions in order to adapt our educational materials to your own needs.

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