Head Coaches
What would you say if we showed you a way to keep all your coaches in your tennis school or club up to date?

"Yes but the other coach said that I should still serve with my old grip in the match" ... Every head coach has experienced this nightmare when groups have to be trained by different coaches and players hear conflicting advice. This is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff. If all coaches in the club speak the same methodological and didactical language, the players will develop step by step. We help with the implementation and make sure that the tennis school works seamlessly..
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Full Time Coaches
Walk the tightrope between recreational and competitive tennis with us. Having good players in the club creates a pull effect for the wider community. Even if you mainly train recreational players, you must not lose sight of the group of competitive players. To help you keep the better players happy, the CoachesClub offers plenty of tips for competitive players in all areas of training, regardless of their age.
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Part-time coaches
You feel totally overwhelmed because you have to start coaching a group of players with whom you have never or very seldom worked with.

As a coach, you will sometimes have to work with a group of players that you are not comfortable with, because their level or ages are totally different to what you are used to. But don't worry, in the media library of the CoachesClub you will find training tips for everyone: Young children, young and adult beginners, adult recreational players, doubles players, senior players, injured players, performance-oriented adult team/tournament players and highly talented competitive children.
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Children`s Coach
It is always a disaster when you try to coach young children?

Don't be afraid of the little ones! Within seconds, the mood can tip from "peace, joy, and pancakes" to complete chaos. But don't panic: Simply log into the "Kids on Court" section in the CoachesClub and call up the right Learning Level Blue or Red. In this section alone, more than 150 videos and tips are waiting for you, which will help you to build up a fabulous "kids" karma to help you keep everything under control.
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Fitness Coaches
It is always a disaster when you try to coach young children.

People constantly talk about the increasing importance of fitness in tennis, but not every club or tennis school can afford a full-time fitness coach. However, tennis coaches are often challenged to do a good job in that area. The CoachesClub inspires you with many ideas to design and implement fitness plans for tennis players.
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